Brett Lavender

Brett Lavender has been speaking to and communicating with large crowds, small groups and individuals on the art of communication for over 25 years. A highly coveted speaker, motivator, presenter and trainer in the professional event performance and presenter space for decades, Brett is now offering his unique brand of training and performance/communications coaching to the corporate and private sectors. Brett’s unique approach to personal performance and instinctive, behavioral communications focuses heavily on a fundamental component of his practice he calls “The Lost Languages”. In this category he highlights the impact of human instinct and provides the necessary tools to consistently improve upon and deliver ALL of the non-verbal communication skills that are so often lost in translation between humans from different cultural, intellectual, financial and spiritual backgrounds. He provides clients and audience members with a highly elevated understanding of how to most effectively deliver any message to anyone in every situation. The process includes a strong emphasis on both verbal and non-verbal skills including eye contact, body language, facial expression, tone of voice, melody and results-focused, positive self-talk, etc. Through his speaking, training and coaching practice, "The Persuasive Lion", Brett has been able to successfully enhance lives, enrich relationships and empower individuals in both their private and professional lives. All of his clients and participants are endowed with the necessary skills and tools to expand and improve upon their interactions and opportunities with others, as well as themselves, on every level. He has consistently increased his clients’ ability to earn both additional income and respect, and to communicate with everyone they encounter with an unparalleled level of confidence, understanding, accuracy and precision. Brett Lavender is now available for keynote speaking engagements, group workshops and private coaching.